How can I change my workspace name from previous company to new company in Asana?

Im trying to change the login email and add a new email. Just confused if the new email added will have all the previous admin right?

Secondly, I need to change workspace name also, but Im not able to do that either. Can you please show me how?

Hi @Mel7

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If I understood your question, there are 2 different things:
1. email related:
If you want to add a new email address, you can do so from your account profile. You can add a new email address and verify it and then it is all set. You can then access asana using either email address and you will access whatever workspaces you have permissions to access.

2. workspace related:
I believe you need to set up a new workspace. Set up a new workspace, use the new email address you need and proceed accordingly. If the old company (assuming the old workspace is named after the old company) is no longer needed, you can exit the workspace all together.

I hope this helps!

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@Mel7 please note that if you own the workspace name and you need to change the domain, you can do so by submitting a helpdesk ticket: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

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