Cell Copying and Pasting Functionality in List View

I wish I could copy the value of a cell and paste it into other cells in the List view, similar to the way it’s done in Monday.com.
For me, it’s been a hassle to repeatedly assign the same values in different places.

Additionally, it would be great if Asana could offer a plan for personal use.
I would also like to use Asana as my personal productivity tool at home, and I know there are others who feel the same way.

Hi @jenixp,

i’m not sure i get what you mean.
You can copy the (the content) of any task in list view.

If you’re referring to custom fields, i’d suggest making templates for tasks that you repeat often.

Also you can change the custom fields for up to 50 tasks at once selecting them all in listview

Regarding a personal plan, see my post here: Lack of a single seat option is a huge gap

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Hello, thank you for your quick reply.
However, it seems like there may have been a miscommunication.

In Monday.com, you can easily copy any type of field by simply right-clicking and selecting the “Copy cell” option from the menu.
This feature is useful for copying already assigned values such as dates and tags to other fields.
While it is possible to select multiple tasks and assign the same values to them at once in Asana,
the “Copy cell” feature saves time and effort by allowing you to do it with just a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, the “Copy cell” feature is especially helpful when you have new tasks that need to have same field values as older ones here and there.
This is different from the template feature.
If you are unfamiliar with this feature, I highly recommend trying the free trial of Monday.com. Although Asana is a great tool, I personally miss some of the features from Monday.com, including this one.

I think it would have been better to use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel’s copy/paste function as an example, as it makes work much easier and less cumbersome.
Without that feature, the task would have been much more challenging and time-consuming.

You could also prepare it all in excel/G Sheets and then upload that into the project :wink:

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Thank you very much for the valuable tip! :blush:

I remain optimistic that the Asana team will consider incorporating the feature I mentioned at some point in the future.
Such a feature would be incredibly useful as it would allow for the convenient copying of multiple Assignees from a task created by my colleague
and multiple Tags from a task created by me the other day.