Can't change preferred/organization/login email

The branded email address I used to sign up with Asana is linked to a website I will be selling and so I need to change it to my Gmail address. I’m able to add my Gmail address to my account but there is nowhere to change my preferred email address and Asana won’t let me delete my branded email address because it says it’s the only address associated with my organization.
So how do I link my Gmail address to my organization and then use that to login and master my Asana account?
It really shouldn’t be so hard to change the login email address.

Hi @Sofie_Couwenbergh welcome back to the forum! This is one for Asana Support Asana Support - Help Center • Asana they will do this for you in a jiffy!

It’s been 48 hours since I reached out to them so wouldn’t exactly say they’ll do it in a jiffy :slight_smile:

Hi @Sofie_Couwenbergh

An organization must be associated to a domain, and Gmail is not a possible domain, this may be why you can’t change. If you have another domain then you should try with it.



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