Can't change owner or rule

The guy that set up our project templates and rule automation is leaving our staff. How can I change the owner of those rules before his account goes away?

Hi @Matthew_Drury. Welcome. Have a look at the Asana guide specifics around Rules:

When you deprovision someone who has Rules, their Rule will be paused and ownership of any Rules on projects will be passed to the Project Owner. If there is no Project Owner, ownership will be passed to the Admin who deprovisioned the user.

There is also an product request where you can vote on allowing other users to edit rules: Allow other users to edit an automation rule.

Hope this helps!


And that works for Templates too?

Hi @Matthew_Drury.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work the same for projects and templates. Maybe @Marie or @Emily_Roman can verify for you?

Yes, what @Bernie_Orelup explained here also works for templates and all projects created from templates!

Is there a way to know the Rules that person was holding? cc @Julien_RENAUD

Thank you much!

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There isn’t a directory for all rules owned by a specific members, but if we don’t already a #productfeedback thread on this topic, sounds like a good opportunity to create a new one!

You’re welcome @Matthew_Drury, but all credit should go to @Bernie_Orelup who did all the work here :wink:

@Marie - just wanted to make sure you are aware that when a user has two accounts and they are merged, the old account that was merged into the new one… if the old account had any rules, they become uneditable AND they do not transfer to the current project owner. I filed a support ticket, but just wanted to make your team and other users aware. Thanks, as always, for your help.


Oh thanks for sharing @Bry_ProjectKickstart, I wasn’t aware about this! cc @Emily_Roman in case you didn’t know too :slight_smile:

This only works if the onwer of the rule leaves the company, but not if the pearson just move to a different area or team and is no longer part of the Asana Team we created the rule.
This is a big problem for my company. As we a growing fast, people are moving between teams.

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