cannot view priority or estimated time or actual time for team member

I’m using Asana Business trial.
I managed a team of 5. I need to be able to see the priorities and estimated time of my team’s tasks so I can manage their workload. There’s no way to add fields to the task view of another team member. See screenshot attached.

Hi @Ted_Bradley,

You can view this information by using the Search Feature. You may actually find that you like this better, as you view tasks assigned to all team members you are managing from one view.

In assigned to, include the name of the team member whose tasks you would like to view.

At the bottom where it says “Add filter” choose the fields you would like to be visible by choosing “Add Custom Field”. Select “Any Value” as the filter option for time & priority.

The only caveat here is that this will only show tasks with estimated time & priority added, so make sure those custom fields are added to their “My Tasks” so that it will show all tasks assigned to them.


FYI moving this to Tips and Tricks as it’s working as designed and not a bug.

Thank you!