Cannot submit forms anymore, what changed?

Today one of my team members discovered that forms which previously worked just fine no longer work.

The forms are there under “Customize”. But no matter how you click on the form, you cannot actually USE the form. You only get EDIT.

I’ve clicked the Form’s icon every imaginable way, in every imaginable place, and the only screen that comes up is the screen where you edit the form. You cannot actually fill out a form and submit it.

What happened?

If Forms are now submitted in a different way than pulling them up under “Customize”, that’s cool, but how do you do it? Or is this a bug?

There’s a new menu, either a released feature or A/B test, so click the overflow menu to see the options collected there now:


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Hi @Matt5 , the UI has recently changed a bit for the forms but you can still access the preview link either by:

  1. Click on the overflow menu and choose ‘Preview’

  2. Click into the form editor and at the top right, the ‘Preview’ is still there, as it was.

Oops, just saw @lpb beat me to it! :sweat_smile:

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Huh? “Preview” is what you select to actually USE the form? That’s one of the most unintuitive things I’ve ever seen.

This ought to have been the exact opposite way around. Clicking the whole rectangle should be the “Use the Form” option and editing it should have been relegated to the small dropdown menu.

This was not a good change at all. Every new person we on-board now is going to accidentally edit their Form template because every human is going to instinctively click on that whole rectangle icon to use it, instead of digging into a sub-menu looking for a word that nobody would think to look for called “preview”.

Seriously Asana, this was a really unhelpful change.

A workaround that I use is to put the link to the form in the project overview, this way you do not have to search for it and it’s more discoverable to the project members.


That can be helpful Paul and I appreciate the workaround tip on that.

In this case however it wouldn’t work because all of these (many dozens of) Forms are produced when a Project Template (containing the form) is duplicated. Someone would have to manually copy that form link and paste it in the Project Overview since that new Project’s form link would differ from that of the Template.

For any Asana developers that are reading this, please understand me when I say that you just made Forms even less intuitive to use for people we on-board with our company. Way less intuitive. Clicking “Preview” doesn’t make any sense at all. Nobody who wants to fill out a form would think “Oh, I must fill out this for by clicking Preview”.

“Preview” is an option that would seemingly give the Form creator a preview of the form they just put together.

This was a very downhill change.