Cannot find an existing account

I wanted to add a group email address to my “From Email”.
This cannot be done because the group email seems to be already used: I got the following message:

I couldn’t create your task because I don’t know which workspace to put it in. Please visit your account settings to configure the dropbox for this email.

Nobody can see this email adress in the organisation and in the department where it is used. The ASANA Admins cannot see it used either.

Where can I search in Asana if this email was already used by someone?


If you read the error message carefully, it does not say the email is used. It says you have to go to your Account Settings. Hint: go to the “From Email” tab :+1:

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Hi @Cyrille_Negaret!

I would recommend reaching out to our support team at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana (I’m having trouble with > Let’s chat); they will be able to take a look into this for you! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, does this email address belongs to a Google Group?

My guess is that you just did not select the workspace in the “From Email” tab, keep us posted!

Sorry I think i copied the wrong error message.
The message was saying something about not being able to add the email address because of an already existing account and if we want to merge go to your email…

we could try to merge but we don’t know where this account was used as we don’t see any license with it !?

The user is already out of the office: i will ask him tomorrow to send me a screen copy of the message.

Thanks a lot

no it’s an internal company address.

Oh ok then contact the support :slight_smile: