Cannot edit the "about section" in my profile settings. It is greyed out.

I am new to Asana and would like to set up my profile with correct info. At the moment, my settings for “about me” is a filler that cannot be edited. Its greyed out and states the following:
“I usually work from 9am-5pm PST. Feel free to assign me a task with a due date anytime. Also, I love dogs!”
This looks like a filler but I am unable to change this.
Any tips?

@Amber_Brown1 - you just need to click on it and type. :slight_smile:
It’s a common confusion.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

I wish it was that easy. I can only highlight it. No way to edit.

@Amber_Brown1 - if you have 3-5 mins, hop on this zoom.

[Zoom link removed because I have to hop on another meeting now – feel free to reply if you want to get a couple minutes of live help later]

(Your non-editing problem has me very curious, since we consult clients on Asana every day and have never seen it actually not be editable.)

If not, that’s fine. Just hoping to help you quickly get it resolved.
I’m an Asana Solutions Partner

Sorry I missed the window. Let me know when you have another opportunity; I would love to get this fixed!

@Amber_Brown1 - I have time for the next 20 mins. Reply here and @mention me if you’d like to hop on and I’ll immediately respond with a zoom link.

Ok. Hopping on my next meeting. :slight_smile:

Maybe later.

Feel free to book a guaranteed time here:
Grab a free 15-min meeting here:

Sorry. I am in and out of meetings myself. I think I will submit a ticket with support.

Hi @Amber_Brown1 , welcome to the forum :wave:

Did you try typing into the text box, as @Bryan_TeamKickstart suggested?

Otherwise, try refreshing your browser or restarting your desktop app, then try these troubleshooting steps, (particularly try the incognito/private tab) and if you still have an issue, then create a support ticket, by following the instructions here: How to contact our Support Team :email:

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