Cannot attach file - in Remote Virtual Desktop

File wont attach to a task - get error using the attach link or copy/paste methodology.
Logged into virtual desktop with RDP on Amazon platform. Using multiple users, multiple desktops, multiple browsers (Chrome and Edge)
The function works fine on local PC. Try to perform same function with same task and same file on RDP, and get the errors attached. “Failed to attach”
IT dept is not aware of any security settings that would prevent this.

Hi @Darrell_Baker, thanks for reaching out!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this issue! Could you please try the troubleshooting steps here and let me know if these resolve the issue for you?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

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No resolution. The Edge installation was the first time I used that browser on this desktop. I tried the icognito windows. Checked the WebSocket and Asana servers. Still same problem persists.

Do you have any other suggestions Rebecca? Or anyone else you can check with?

Hi @Darrell_Baker, thanks for getting back to me. In this case, I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team to be able to look into this further for you! You can contact them by following the steps below:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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