Can we select a *specific* milestone to support a goal?

It would be super useful if we could select specific milestones to support goals, rather than having to pick between either “projects” or “sub-goals”. I love the automation of selecting automatic+ projects+ milestones completed, but not all milestones in a given project support each goal. This would make the goals feature much more valuable to our team, and it would hold more meaning for those we’re trying to get to participate with the platform. Thanks!


Good idea, this is currently not possible indeed.

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Welcome back, @Ellen_Mueller,

Can you effectively do this now with this workaround:

Multi-home the desired milestones to an adjunct project, like “ Goal Tracking Milestones” and use that project instead of the main one as the Goal Reference project.

You could even have a rule that multi-homes based on setting a dropdown “Goal Tracker?” custom field.

Hope that helps until/if this is implemented.




Could you please explain this with the help of an example? I didn’t understand this because the problem persists at the project level. How would creating a different project for milestones only help solve this problem?


Goal progress can be auto-calculated by referencing one or more projects to monitor the completion of milestones within.

The requestor wrote that “not all milestones in a given project support each goal.”

My solution was to recommend not referencing that project, but instead multi-home just those germane milestones into another project, and using that project as the auto-calc reference project.

Multi-homing means that you can still change the milestones from the original project where the rest of the tasks and other milestones are, which makes it no less convenient than before, but still serving to correctly calculate the goal.


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Thanks Larry! This is a great work-around!

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