Can we create a button against each task in Asana for our custom app integration

I’m new to the Asana integration and all. So my question may be stupid but here it goes.
Let’s say I register a new application in Asana, will we be allowed to (or can you) create a button again each task for us? Like there is a Timer button for Harvest in the Task section.
Can we add a button in the same section and once a customer clicks on that button can we show them a popup screen to select an employee?

We haven’t developed a standalone application for this either.
Please do let me know if you understood my question or if you need any further info.

My understanding is that this kind of deep integration needs to be accepted by Asana and that might be hard. @johnnygoodnow any input? I am interested as well!

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Justin (cofounder) on december of 2016 in a presentation said that Asana will support third party applications on top of the platform, like trello power-ups. Without public roadmaps we don’t know what will happened.

Till then the only way is to use a chrome extension to create this functionality in Asana UI.

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Any eligibility criteria as such to get it accepted?
If you could direct me to a link, I would appreciate that.

Well, the main reason why we thought of it was to provide users with a better user experience. A seamless transition would make it much easier for the customer.

I guess we have to create a Chrome Extension.

Hey @akhil,

As of now we don’t have any part of the platform that allows for external developers to add to our UI - Harvest is a one-off exception. However, this is something we’re actively considering for our platform in the future. If you’d like to elaborate more on your use case, it would be great for us (Developer Relations) for sending over as concrete feedback to the API team! Otherwise, we’ll make sure this gets folded into something that developers are requesting.

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