Integration built in Asana ui

Hi everyone! Maybe I’ve missed but I don’t understand how to create my custom app integration and to make it available directly from Asana user interface. Is it possible?

Hi @Maxim_Zaytsev,

As far as I’m aware of, the type of integrations external developers are currently able to create are stand alone applications (web apps, mobile apps, chrome extensions, etc) that can gain access to a user’s Asana data, once a user authenticates with Asana into their application.

The concept is similar to how Facebook / Twitter applications work - Users logs into your app via OAuth, and your app gets a token to query for data an execute request against the authenticating service (in this case - Asana).

With that said, there is currently no built in way (that I’m aware of) to “open” or switch to your application directly from Asana. You could potentially create a browser extension that manipulates the DOM and injects buttons/UI elements into the Asana interface, but that’s another story :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks @Eyal_Ronel . It’s seems to be true. Btw if I’m not mistaken Harvest has integration to task menu, am I?
@Asana_team could you comment please?

You’re right. That’s an official Asana integration.