Can this be done? Variable task headings

HI I have weekly tasks that recur. I would like to automate the naming mainly the date.
The task is currently something like "My_Help_Desk tickets week of &this_week.

I haven’t seen how to do in Asana. We are not using Zapier but maybe via teams?

Hi @Phil_Kestenbaum ,

This is possible with the rule action “Set task title”. That said, you do need something to trigger it, and unfortunately instances of recurring tasks don’t trigger on “Task added to project” (there are product feedback posts about this issue).

We have something similar set up for recurring meetings that changes the name to dueDate - Meeting. The rule is: When task is completed → Check if task is meeting (value in custom field) → Set task title: dueDate - Meeting

Thanks @Stephen_Li I will check this.

FYI @Phil_Kestenbaum the rules in our Flowsana integration do trigger on new instances of recurring tasks.

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