Can is see "Completed time stamp" in search result or report?

Is it possible to display in search result or in a report also when a task was completed?
At the moment, I need to open each individual completed task to find that information.
This would speed up my reporting.

You can run a search and click on the arrow in the top left corner → export as CSV. Tada. Does not give the time but only the date though

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Thank you. I’ll export the results then.

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Another option is below, which can be modified to show the time too:


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@Bastien_Siebman do you know if there’s a way to automate the export and then feed said data back into Asana?

@Eli_Zbar you want the completion date in a custom fields? I have an automation that does this.

That could be useful, but ideally id like to see “how many days it took” in the custom field or even as a comment @Bastien_Siebman

Hello Bastien, I’d like to achieve the same thing. A custom field that shows me the time it took to complete a task so that I can use these numbers in reporting. How can I implement your automation to do this?

You can first watch how it works Computed Fields on Tasks - #45 by Bastien_Siebman and then contact me
Thanks :slight_smile: