Can I randomly assign task to a group of agents in the same board?

Since I’ve got asana connected with zapier, there are a few forms around my website sending tasks to my agents, and I have to manually assign them, is there a way for me that every incoming new task gets assigned automatically and randomly to one of my 5 agents?

Example: Incoming Task 1, Incoming Task 2, Incoming Task 3.
Agent 1: Incoming Task 3. (Automatically assigned)
Agent 2: Incoming Task 1. (Automatically assigned)
Agent 3: Incoming Task 2. (Automatically assigned)


Hi @Mauricio3

You can have a field within the form that identifies the owner and then use a rule to trigger on that field’s value and assign.

If you do not want the requestor to have this ability, that is a selector they set on the form, then perhaps some logic within your form that sets a hidden field that Zapier picks up.

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Thank you for the example, it answered my question.

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