Automating assigning of tasks


I am trying to create a set of action tasks for a meeting using some kind of form. What I want to do is assign these tasks to a specific person or persons. I can see how you can send an email to an Asana project but you can only set collaborators and the task remains unassigned.

Basically we have a meeting and I want to automate the actions that come out of a meeting and assign to a relevent team member e,g

Task 1 - Do Something. Assign to Jim, Sarah, Alan
Task 2 - Do Something Else, Assign to Jim
Task 3 - Do Something Else again. Assign to Sarah and Alan

How can I achieve this using Zapier or something ?

Appreciate any ideas.


Hi Mark,

I’m a bit confused by your question. My inclination is to recommend that you simply use a meeting agenda task or project and create a section for action items. Then, just assign each task to the relevant individual during the meeting. Is there something that doesn’t work for you about this option?