Can I link to an email in gmail from a task?


I know how to integrate gmail with Asana so that I can create an Asana task directly in my Gmail and I’m even able to ‘attach’ or refer to the email in the Asana task by clicking “Add email to task” in the Asana plugin in Gmail as you can see from the attached screen shot.

But sometimes I need to be able to ‘attach’ or refer to an already existing email in an already existing Asana task FROM Asana. Is it possible to sit in an Asana task and then refer to a specific email from the Asana task?

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Hi @Morten_Munchow and thanks for that question :raised_hand:

What is sure is that you can’t search in your Gmail list of emails from the Asana task.

However, if the email is already stored in an existing Asana task; you could “Copy comment link” and refer to it from your other task.

Please see the following screenshots.

This is not perfect, but that might do the trick :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if I can help, furthermore.