Can I collate data from an Asana form into a spreadsheet?

Hi, I have an Asana form that we are using for staff award nominations. We are getting hundreds of responses, and of course, they are showing as individual tasks in the Asana dashboard. Is there a way we can collate all the responses into a spreadsheet automatically so we can sort responses more easily than manually entering them into a spreadsheet?

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The award/tasks are all going into a single project, right? Then the List view of that project works like a basic spreadsheet, including sorting.

If you need more levels of sorting than Asana offers, you can export the List or even have it live update to a Google sheet.

Hi Stephanie, thanks for your response, but perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly. There is an Asana form that people complete which has various fields within it. Now the tasks are all called the same thing ‘Staff awards nomination form submission’ so not sortable. What I’m asking is whether there is a way for all the content within each field to be displayed in rows and columns as a spreadsheet. If the form fields are:

Name of nominator:
Email address:
Award nominated for:
Name of Nominee:
Position title:

And each person responds, I would like to see a spreadsheet with all the responses to all the forms.

Does that make more sense now?

Thanks so much, Erika

The original question was reasonably clear as to your goal. I tested my answer and it does work to provide a view as follows:

All the populated columns are sortable in List view.

The Board view is similarly sortable (“fruit” sort in this case).

Can you clarify what your concern is about using the method above?


It seems like you may not be connecting form questions to custom fields, which is easy to do ahead of time but not after the fact. If you do that, that will create the “columns” you would see in a spreadsheet.

Regarding each task having the same task title, that’s a setting in the forms editor (right-most tab).

It’s all documented here:

You can export a project to a CSV if you want: Project actions menu > Export > CSV.


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Does this mean the form needed to have been created in this view?

This is what I currently see, I don’t know how to get the form fields up as you have done:

Ahh Thanks Larry,

That’s clear now, thanks so much

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