Can Excel uploads be used to mass edit large projects?



Can a CSV import be used to mass edit a project after its been created? I maintain a large list of tasks that have custom field changes that cannot be mass done in Asana. I believe it would be easier to do this is excel and upload the changes to Asana.



Hi @Sam_Traxler! Unfortunately, the CSV importer can only be used to add new tasks, it will not allow you to modify existing tasks. With that said, this is probably something you could do with the API. Check out this article and this post from our #developersAPI category.

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@Sam_Traxler Are you updating existing projects that are still active or are you creating new tasks within a re-concurring project? The reason I ask is much can be done with Excel formulas in a CSV import. Here is one example of a spreadsheet I wrote that automatically updates dates and skips weekends and holidays. Just an example of what you can do.

Here is a visual


Hi @James_Carl thanks for the reply! Sadly I am trying to update existing tasks in a project. Each task has a large amount of custom fields that need to be updated. (400+ tasks)


Why not just download them en masse, delete them from Asana, edit them in Excel, and then upload? For all Asana will know, they are then “new” tasks.