Can a form submission open a new project?

On a form submission in a project, once a form is submitted can Asana automatically open a new project?

No @Kyla_Salazar a form needs to be associated with an existing project.


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Thank you @Jason_Woods ! Is the best way to use the form and then import a template into the new project with the information?

Hi @Kyla_Salazar,

FYI this capability is available in my Flowsana integration. You can create a Flowsana If-Then rule that says in essence, “When a new task is created in the project, create a new project, in a particular team, based on a particular template.”

You can see more about it in this forum post - see the section titled “Auto-create a new project from a template”.

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Flowsana seems to be an excellent way to achieve this!

You can also use Zapier:

(note that in the example Zap above I’m only using some of the native Zapier-Asana integration but then I’m also doing a custom POST request to our API to create a new project).

Good point, @Daniel_Iversen! Zapier is a viable option as well, if one needs a new blank project. The use case it doesn’t handle is if one needs the new project to be based on an existing template.

Sure you can; in my example I called the ‘/projects’ API endpoint, but if you want to create a project based on a template just call ‘/duplicate’ instead (with the parameters for which project template etc).

But my recommendation would probably be to have a look at Flowsana first, while Zapier is very flexible and can do almost anything, Flowsana is pre-built and ready to go!

As the author of Flowsana, I appreciate your recommendation! But you’re right, of course, you can do the /duplicate endpoint from Zapier. (When I said it couldn’t be done I was thinking of the whole process including the other part, to monitor and catch when the duplication is finished; but you wouldn’t need to do that in this use case.)