Calendar view for Portfolios!

It would be helpful for my team if the Portfolios had Calendar and Timeline Views that would show all projects in that portfolio. This would help with keeping track of all projects and tasks in that portfolio, especially since some of our task have the same due dates as other team projects that we are also working on.

@Jessica_Delgado, Asana has promised a Portfolio Timeline view soon (no exact date), fyi…


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Hi @Jessica_Delgado and @lpb :wave:t3:

Promises are made to be kept, so I’m delighted to announce that we now have now a Timeline for Portfolios! You can learn more in the following announcement: Portfolios now come with a Timeline view!

We don’t have yet a Calendar View for Portfolios, so I’m keeping this thread open for now! I’ve just edited the title to reflect this update and will keep you posted on this thread when I have an update for the Calendar view!

Have all a great start of your week!