Calendar Sync: Concatenate Project Name to task/subtask on Calendar has a great feature of synching tasks to calendars: It concatenates project name to tasks when synching/subscribing to calendars. So here is what the synched task would look like on the calendar: “project name : task topic”.

Is there any config or setting on Asana that would enable this? it would be great if we can do that with tasks and subtasks


Asana does not have this feature. I personally solves this for my clients with a custom made automation.

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FYI you can do this for all tasks when added to a project via a Flowsana rule action (but that would alter the tasks in Asana, not just in the calendar app).

Since I sometimes have more projects than there are colors I can easily distinguish, I only use colors for status or importance.

So in calendar view I can’t tell what project a task belongs to without opening it. I am experimenting with putting the project name or short name in to the names of each task so I can use the calendar as a normal person.

It would be a huge help if you could just print the project name in the calendar view.

Whereas if Asana 2023 could figure this out by what project it is assigned to, then that would be simple.