Calendar Export Timezone Issue

I exported a certain project and placed it in my google calendar. However, when I look at the calendar, the times are all off. I checked the setting, and it appears that the calendar is NOT coming through as Eastern. Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!

Jared Wade Entertainment Calendar Calendar settings for 2018 JWE Events via Asana |383x150! :slight_smile:

Jared Wade Entertainment   Calendar   Calendar settings for 2018 JWE Events  via Asana

Hi @Jared_Wade. Quick question, do you have the same timezone set for all the following: Asana account, calendar, browser, computer?

I use Chrome, and Google Calendar exclusively. Saying that, Chrome pulls the timezone from my Google Calendar, which is correctly set it to Eastern. I do not see a way to manually set the timezone for my Asana account though.

Hi @Jared_Wade, so sorry for the late reply! Asana base your timezone on your browser’s time zone, so technically if you calendar time-zone is set to Eastern, you Asana should be too! Let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue!

Im having the same problem!!??

Hi @Augusto_Batschauer and thanks for the report. Could you reply to the questions below to help me understand the issue better:

Is your project synced with your Google Calendar?
Do you have the same timezone set in your calendar and your computer?
Are you using a VPN?

Hi Asana team - can someone confirm if this bug/defect of timezone was resolved.
I am facing identical issue when syncing Asana Project to Google calendar. Thank you.

You can do one thing is to just move Google Calendar to Another Account for the resolving the Calendar issues. It is possible with the third party tools such as SysTools G Suite Migrator with the quick steps.