Calculated Field defaulting to $ and not numbers

I’m super happy to have managed to create a RICE score calculated field - I have seen threads tackling the same thing.

I created custom field for RICE and each one was a number (i used to blurb in the form to help guide users) - and it works! however… the score shows $0.5, how can i make it just 0.5? Or even how can Flag RICE > 0.5 = “Medium” & RICE > 1 = “High”

Hi @Ben_Preece, welcome to the forum! I’ll attempt to assist here.

To make sure I’m understanding your current setup, you have 5 fields (4 number fields for reach, impact, confidence, effort; 1 formula for R x I x C / E). The 4 number fields are set via form entry. Your issue is that when that formula field is calculated, it’s pre-pending the value with a $ character. Is that all accurate?

OR, do you have one number field for RICE that the user calculates outside of Asana and enters in the form?

If the first scenario is accurate, I haven’t been able to recreate your issue but have follow-up questions that I can ask after your reply. If the second scenario is accurate, you can edit the field to change/remove the unit ($). To do so

  • Go to the list view of your project
  • Hover over the header with your RICE field to show a down caret. Click to show the dropdown
  • Click “edit field”
  • Under Format, change “$ USD” to “Unformatted”

To answer your last question about tagging different RICE values with labels, I don’t think this is currently achievable natively in-platform without using a 3rd-party app (not sure on this though) because rule conditions don’t seem to support Number fields as far as I can tell. You could try changing your RICE field to a single-select (e.g., 0-0.49, 0.5-0.99, 1+) and then adding another field with H/M/L and having a rule set that HML field based on the RICE input.

I believe a formula field would only show as dollars if all variables are themselves dollars. Stephen is correct, you need to edit the units.

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