Decimal value for custom fields without rounding up

We need to be able to measure how long we think a task is going to take.

1 = 1 hour
0.5 = 30 min
0.25 = 15 min

I cannot seem to change the custom field to show 0.5 or 0.25 as it rounds it up. Is there a solutions to this please?

Hi James,
You can change the number of decimals in the setting window of the custom field. Just click on the little arrow next to the custom field name to access the window, and you’ll be able to change it (if not locked by someone else).

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Hi @James29, adding to what Julien mentioned, you can find more information in this article: Custom Fields • Asana

Thank you @Emily_Roman and @Julien_RENAUD - a nice little feature would be to use Javascript to move that comma when changing it or some kind of visual indiction to the end user of what happens when you change the decimal value.

Much appreciated