Bybrand + Asana integration is on! Take a look

Last month Bybrand’s DEV team worked to integrate with Asana. After a few weeks of work not too hard, the Asana API is easy; we have the integration working.

Create email signatures with a profile photo for all Asana users
Take a look: Bybrand + Asana on Apps Directory.

With the Bybrand integration for Asana active, you can quickly create email signatures for your entire team. In addition, each user’s profile information is automatically added to their signature to make it unique.

With the Bybrand + Asana integration, you can:

  • Import a user list with a profile photo from Asana workspaces into Bybrand.
  • Automatically create unique email signatures for the entire Asana user list.
  • Share the email signature publicly to help the user paste it into their email.



Looks very useful! Thanks for sharing, Bernardo :raised_hands:

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