Business Plan Onboarding Resources

Our company of over 90 Asana users is considering moving up to a business plan, primarily for the routing and portfolio features. A small group of us are currently trialing the business plan in a workspace. While the business plan has a lot of helpful features, the resources for learning these features is severely lacking. If we have to onboard 90 users to the new plan, there are practically no onboarding resources or learning tools like there are for the premium plan. Would Asana consider putting out additional resources such as a webinar that is solely dedicated to exploring business plan features? Does this already exist and am I just missing it?

Hi @Liz_Mycock and welcome to the Asana forum!

We have a public course in our Asana Academy directly geared toward Business features, you can check them here → Asana Business

As part of our Asana Together World tour, we’re also hosting a “Help your team adopt Asana” workshop which I would highly recommend you to attend if you’re going to be in charge of onboarding teams in your Organisation. We just finished a series of these workshops in North America, but we’ll be back for more starting March 2021 - you can keep an eye on for upcoming events.

Last but not least, I would also recommend getting in touch with your Sales point of contact at Asana as you will most likely qualify for support from our customer success team once you move forward with your Business plan!

I hope this helps, but don’t hesitate to reach out it you have any further questions!

@Liz_Mycock ,

An alternative resource you may consider is (including me!). Some of us are experienced trainers in Business plan features.