Business AND Personal Goals/Comprehensive Plan

Hi Pros,

Let me first acknowledge that this may be a well-worn topic, but I didnt see anything that spoke directly to my inquiry.

The goals feature is broken down between company and team goals. I am currently working on my 5 year plan for my life which encompasses business as well as personal goals. Interested in any ideas/best practices from people who’ve been down this road. Any other other than company coming down the pike or should I ignore that? Thanks folks!


Why not create company wide goals and make them private to you?


Sure. I can, so are you saying to just ignore the company tab and just build out the goals whether business or personal (private of course)?

Thought of this and Im open to it. Just wanted ideas or “best” practices based on what others have tried or recommended. Thanks!

If I am not mistaken, company or team tab don’t bring any feature, they are just “homes”.

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