Bulk select for the range

I really hope there is a solution for this and that’s only me who can not find the right buttons to click and yet :slight_smile:
Is there a possibility to bulk select the range of tasks? And I do not mean clicking one by one I really do mean selecting the range cause after huge cvs files to be imported to the project I need to make a lot of adjustments like selecting 300 tasks to make them complete.


Welcome, @Hasmik_Hovhannisyan,

You can change only up to 50 tasks at once via multi-select.

You don’t need to select them all individually, though. Click the first task, then Shift-click the last task to select the range.

You can also Ctrl/Cmd-Click to arbitrarily remove/add to the selection set to refine.


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Thanks for clarification, but is exactly what I did and it didn’t work properly that’s why I’m confused.
May that be a versioning issue, browser or OC issue, I don’t know?


I recommend you try these troubleshooting steps, then email support@asana.com.



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