Bulk change project permissions?


We create a project for each client we work with. This project is based on a template. It took us a while to realise our mistake but the template was initially set up in a way that the default permission was “Comment-only” with a few pre-defined members being admins.

After working with 300 clients, we hired our first team member and realised our mistake: when we gave her access to the team, she ended up having the default permission, comment-only.

The only way I currently know is to manually invite her in every project and specifically give her an editor role.

Any other clever idea? pinging @Richard_Sather @lpb @Phil_Seeman for help


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UPDATE: My reply here was incorrect. Here’s the correct way to do it with Make (or w/o make just using the API): Bulk change project permissions? - #8 by Bryan_TeamKickstart

@Bastien_Siebman - hopefully it’s ok for non-pinged users to offer help :wink:

Two faster options:

  1. Use make or zapier
    If using Make… here’s your scenario: (here’s the shareable blueprint: blueprint.json - Google Drive)

  2. Option 2: Ask us to add this to Supersana.io and wait 3 days (and from then on, change permissions on hundreds of projects at once with 3 clicks or less)



I was going to suggest using the API to get all projects in a team (assuming this applies in your case), then adding the user to each project returned, similar to @Bryan_TeamKickstart’s suggestion, maybe coding yourself instead of using make.


I vote for option 2! :sweat_smile:

I was almost certain the endpoint to invite members with specific permissions was not ready yet… I have been waiting for months, and every time I looked it wasn’t working as expected :thinking:


To my knowledge you’re correct that while it’s coming, it hasn’t been released yet.

@Bryan_TeamKickstart’s Make JSON file shows this:

but I’m puzzled as I’m not aware of a role property on the project_membership object. Maybe it’s there and undocumented? I’m a bit doubtful but maybe…??

Don’t waste your time on my answer everyone. Sorry. You are correct. It does not work.

I was trying to get smart using something not in the documentation and it did work, but only because my defaults were set to editor in each project, not commenter only.

Thought I finally found a way to be useful to all you brainiacs :wink:

Ok @Bastien_Siebman and @Phil_Seeman – this here will work:

  1. List all projects in a team
  2. Change all projects to default access level: editor
  3. Remove user from all projects
  4. Add user back to all projects
  5. Change project default access level back to commenter.

Here’s the new Make blueprint: blueprint v2 - add user to all projects in a team (while choosing permissions).json - Google Drive

Well done, looks like I have to use Make ^^

Awesome!! :muscle:

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@Bastien_Siebman - No. You could do all this with just the API. Make just makes it faster and easier using a lot of pre-built code. This “scenario” required 3 API calls that weren’t pre-built, so I just used the API documentation to do the steps.

I also use Make because I don’t know how to write code from scratch – I’m a copy/paste user of code :slight_smile:

Good call, @Bryan_TeamKickstart - that sounds workable. As you say, it’s not hard to do just using the API, but even easier using Make!