Build report to measure which departments my team is helping the most

My marketing team supports many departments across our organization. I am trying to build a report that will show how many tasks our team completes to support the various departments. Seems simple enough but I cannot seem to get there without a mountain of manual work.

It seems like the ideal report/chart would come from tagging each individual task and subtask with a custom single-select field (“For who” = Ecomm, Retail, Corporate, etc) and then get a report that shows me how that breaks down across our organization. QTY of tasks on the Y axis, “For who” on the X axis. But selecting that single-select for each task is incredibly time consuming and not worth the time, so am looking for a way to do that automatically.

I could reasonably tag all the projects though. And so if that single-select would cascade down to all the enclosed tasks and subtasks, this would solve the problem for me completely. Any ideas? I have an inkling that flowsana might be able to do this, but cannot tell from their feature set.

Open to other ideas for achieving a similar report as well, but having looked at this from many angles, I feel like this might be the best solution, if it’s possible.

Hi @Shawn_Taylor ,

How do you have your portfolio/team/project/task/subtask structure set up currently? (in broad strokes, as this may influence the best solution). For example, if each project represents a campaign for one business (with no possibility of cross-pollination), you could utilize bundles and portfolios (one for each business) to automatically set a custom field value on tasks for any project added to that portfolio. There are other solutions depending on your setup or appetite for modifying your workflow.

RE: having project-level info flow down into tasks, as you know this is not supported natively in Asana. For Flowsana questions, @Phil_Seeman might be able to weigh in.

You could also create a thread in the Product Feedback category for this request, as I also think this would be a great feature to support natively (at least for reporting).

Thanks for you answer @Stephen_Li

Honestly, that structure changes from project type to project type, and from project owner to project owner, and I don’t want to dictate to others how they should setup their projects. But, to your second point, yes each project, and all it’s enclosed tasks and subtasks, would be counted against only one department. Alas, we’re not one the enterprise plan so don’t have access to bundles, so I don’t know how they work and if they would work for this.

Regarding product feedback, I realized the even better solution (although I will suggest both) is if instead of having to trickle down the data, I could just get a report that tallied up all tasks that are within projects with said custom single-select. No trickle-down of data needed in that case. But, not possible it seems.

FYI, Flowsana doesn’t provide any automation that triggers on projects, only on tasks, so it wouldn’t help in terms of cascading a project change down to its tasks.

@Shawn_Taylor - ah gotcha; in that case, maybe you could think about just creating a rule in your project templates that when a task is added, set a custom field to {x}. And then just have one of your project setup steps be change that {x} to the right line of business. Not very clean, but would get you better data than you have now.

I do agree 100% with your proposed solution of allowing mixtures of project/task data in reporting (i.e. joining the projects table with the task tables), though.