BUG: Sort order behavior (and icons) is exactly reversed!

The sort order — behaviors (and icons) of Ascending and Descending sort are exactly reversed!

Steps to reproduce:
Just choose Ascending or Descending…it will do exactly opposite of their desired purpose. Ascending sorts in descending order, and vice versa!

Browser version: Chrome, latest.

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?
Latest available online.

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Tony_R , welcome to Asana’s Community Forum! :wave:

Sorry to hear about this issue. Can you confirm if you are using the web or desktop version?

Have you tried reinstalling the app, clear your cookies and cache and trying incognito window? This should resolve your issue, but if it doesn’t, please ping this thread!

Using Chrome browser latest. Everything is latest bits.

Hi @Tony_R , thanks for confirming!

Could you please provide me with 2/3 screenshots showcasing this issue so our team can have a better understanding of what the problem is? Thanks a lot!