Broken top menu on mobile

See attached image, the menu at the top is broken, and can’t be scrolled horizontally on mobile (Safari, iPhone)

That’s just for a web page in your browser, not in the iOS app, right? What’s the URL - just or ?

That’s the page Démo Asana : suivre les projets et tâches d’une équipe • Asana

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, sorry for the delay and for the issue! I’ve asked a few colleagues to test this since I could not replicate it, and it seems that the page is working normally for all of us in Safari. can you confirm if you see the same using another browser on your phone?

I can’t find the exact route to this page, never mind…

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Let me know if you run into that again and I can reopen the investigation! :slight_smile:

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