Mobile View Asana Forms

I’ve embedded a form on my website and it displays fine on desktop but looks like this on mobile (see attachment).

Please help.


Every time we raise this, Asana tells us to reach out to support so they can have a look specifically. To be honest I never understood what was going on…

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Do you suggest I reach out to their support team or is it a lost cause? I’d like to utilize their forms on my website to auto-trigger a task to follow-up with a inquiry.

I forgot but apparently that’s expected behaviour in Safari Asana forms showing "Complete the form" button in Safari


But this is happening in Chrome for me.

@Vanessa_N what do you think? Should we re-open a ticket?

Hi everyone, and thanks for tagging me, @Bastien_Siebman! That’s odd, I can confirm that this is the expected behaviour with Safari for now, but it should work normally in Chrome. Can you please make sure you have third party cookies enabled on your phone’s browser? If the issue persists I can certainly escalate it to our Developers

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@Vanessa_N I’m not seeing an option in my mobile Chrome settings to do this. I see it on desktop though. The issue still persists.

Not getting much help from Asana Support. I’m not sure why they don’t understand what an embedded form is supposed to look like. (cc @Bastien_Siebman)

See attached.

You can let them know that often/sometimes the entire form is actually visible right away, and someone else was told that seeing the button was not the normal behaviour :slight_smile:

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