Bookings in hours


Good morning,

we have recently started with Asana Premium and I am in the process of setting up everything. However, I have the following problem:

Our employees are booked by our customers for appointments. For example, an appointment takes three hours. During this time the employee is not available. The customer appointment often results in an order/project with the associated various tasks and a deadline/collection date.
How can I best enter the customer appointments? In Asana I only find the possibility to create deadlines with a fixed time. I have not found a way to create a time window in hours.

To sum up what we need:

  • A calendar showing all dates and deadlines
  • A calendar that shows whether the requested employee has time or is already booked.
  • A calendar that shows whether employees are on leave.

The workflow should look as follows:

  • Customer makes an appointment request
  • An employee checks availability
  • If the requested employee has time, an appointment is entered and the length/duration and the employee are assigned.
  • Parallel to this, a project should be created (if possible automatically) for the order.
  • At or after the customer appointment, the employee uses the project to enter/delegate further tasks.

Maybe someone from his daily business has experience with this workflow.

Best regards and thanks in advance!



Hi @mrchapeau welcome to the Forum… I think the only way to be able to solve this would be to use custom fields indicating that appointment start and end times.
However not sure how you would go about visually seeing when an employee is available.
Maybe some integration into a calendar app may help.



Thanks for the reply.
Yes, that would be an option. But then I wouldn’t see it in the calendar view in Asana.