Boards Request: varying column width or double columns


We have a few columns on our board: Ready, In Progress, Done. It would be nice if the boards mimicked real bulletin boards a bit more in the following way: On a bulletin board, I would not put all of my post-it notes in one vertical column under ‘Ready’. They would probably spread out a little wider to 2 or 3 ‘columns’ worth of area. Same with the ‘Done’ column as the week goes by. It is cumbersome to have to scroll down vertically through 30-90 tasks in a single Asana board column. I found on Chrome, I can hold down Ctrl while scrolling with my Middle Mouse Button to zoom out, but this is still not enough to see the extents of the single columns without vertical scrolling. It would be nice if Asana itself could zoom in and out of the boards or maybe rearrange the columns into overflow columns to make better use of the horizontal space on the screen. Or maybe if there were another view that were simply “Bulletin Board Overview” that could abbreviate the first 16 characters of each task and show them all on sticky notes on a board. That could be cute and great visual feedback to help us see how much we have accomplished and how much there is left to do. We love Asana, keep up the great work on improving it!


Actually have the opposite problem: would like to make some columns more narrow. VersionOne and others have this. Would be nice to have it here.


It would be helpful to be able to adjust the widths of columns. Either shrinking them all into view or to make one wide, the next narrow, etc.