Boards on Mobile - Completed Tasks not Disappearing

This is what you should see for Board projects:

6.25.1 is what I have installed.
I appreciate the assistance with this!

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Thanks @Randall_Lowe, could you also send me a screenshot of the options you’re seeing in a Board project?

Thank you!

Here you go.


Same issue as @Randall_Lowe!

Thanks @Randall_Lowe!

I just need two more things;

  1. could you please share a screenshot showing the version of Android on your device.
  2. could you also let me know what brand is your device?

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience, we really appreciate it!

@Marie attached is the app info screenshot. My device is a huawei p20 pro.

Brilliant @Randall_Lowe, this is super useful! Could you share a screenshot showing the version of your iOS too?

@Marie here you go, I assumed you meant Android os.

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I have commented before, but I too am running 6.25.1 on Android and not seeing the filter option on boards. I’m on a Galaxy Note 9 running Android Pie. I hope this gets updated soon.

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Thanks @Randall_Lowe, I’ve gone ahead and filed a follow-up task with our android Team; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end!

Just to add to this, I’m not able to see the setting on my Android Phone (Pixel on Android ver 9) running Asana (ver 6.25.1) as well.

Also kind of disappointing that Asana considers Android users second class citizens, considering Android users are still waiting for a fix a whole year after iOS users got their fix.

Hi @Randall_Lowe and thanks for your patience!

As you might be aware, we’re in the process of rolling out a new data model. This new model will allow us to implement long-requested features such as the ability to switch the view of the same project from Board to List and vice versa. You can learn more about the data model switch in this post: Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) - #259 by Phil_Seeman

As it stands, the fix for this issue is only available for users who already been switched to the new data model. As soon as we complete this migration everyone will avail from this fix and will be able to filter out completed tasks on Boards. We really appreciate your patience while we work on this backend update!

If you have any follow-up questions or if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

Thanks for the info @Marie, that’s great news. Unfortunately it makes me wish I’d trashed my old account to make a new one and gamble being one of the 50% mentioned in the other post. I’m hoping the transition occurs quickly, as the two features are highly desired by my team.
Thanks again for the info and the help!

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i have selected “Incomplete Tasks” as the default board setting (am running the latest version of ioS), and it works for most of the columns EXCEPT for the final two columns in the board. Those always show all the tasks, with just the completed tasks greyed out. Have tried refreshing the board, logging in and logging out, running the most up to date Asana software, uninstalling the app.

Thanks for rolling this out to Android users! Completed tasks are filtered out in boards now, making the app more usable now.

However, the boards still don’t follow the sorting default set on the web/desktop. Please add the functionality to sort board tasks like we can in the “My Tasks” section.

I am still not seeing any filter options when I’m on my boards. Any help would be appreciated. I even reinstalled thinking that might bring the feature onboard for me. Is the filter option released at large, or is it still “in beta”?

Welcome to the Forum @Don_Greyson! :wave:

You should be able to see the filter and sort option next to the Project name. Could you please confirm you can view it?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Natalia: I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I didn’t see a response until I came looking today. I still don’t any filter functionality. I read a bit more about the data model transition and that it may delay some of getting the latest updates like being able to filter boards or switching between views. If this is the case, what is the timeline for the transition to be completed? If it’s not, How can I get the filter options on my android? Reinstalling from the play store has not solved the problem for me (to be absolutely sure I’m running the latest version available to me)

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @Don_Greyson :wave:t3:

Marie here stepping in for @Natalia! Yes, I can confirm that the fact you’re not seeing this option is directly related to the transition to the new data model. Our team is making great progress and is hoping to complete the migration asap. We will share an update with a more precise timeline as soon as we can; in the meantime thank you so much for patience and understanding!