Boards: Compact View for Cards


About to migrate the entire team to Asana for Project Tracking and Roadmaps but this is a sticking point for me. We need the option to view a condensed board or a full detailed board. Give the option to select what we want to show. Not hard folks. Please provide an update on this feature given it was requested in October 2017!!!

Here’s another vote for more compact cards. Asana does have a “compact view,” but it’s still huge compared to Trello. I would like to see them improve this feature!

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Agree with that. Recently our team start using the Board feature. Roughly up to five tasks are visible. The rest we have to scroll.


Several more votes from us

For me, I use a tag on most of my card, which adds an entire line by itself to each card. It would be nice to make a ‘thin colored line’ option for that entire line, or place it on the same line as the ‘Assignment/Due Date’ line. That would make the card 25-33% smaller, depending on if there are 1 or 2 lines of text on the card.

Hmm, nevermind my suggestion about thin color lines. Asana already uses that strategy for ‘Projects’. Looks like the working options are: 1) removing items from visibility on the last line (currently ‘assignee’, ‘due date’ and ‘like’) and 2) allowing ‘tags’ to squeeze onto that last line as well if it fits.

Would LOVE more compact views of cards and columns. Please enable us to see more tasks within boards without having to keep scrolling vertically.

Currently, there is a lot of empty space between fonts that could be discarded for a more efficient overview. Plus, for those who prefer the “normal” larger cards, it could easily be toggled “on” & “off”.




Please allow to hide those images. This is especially problematic when there is vertical image (eg. screenshot from a phone). The experience is awful IMO.

Tasks in a column might be a lot and I can see almost 4.5 cards, they are unnecessarily big and although I understand that there is a separate list view having a board should still allow me to have a clear view of the project.

Also if I have a task with a one line title it should definetely not clutter my board that much.