Board view — Have to Add Cover Image Twice

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In the Asana OSX App when I try to add a cover image to a task from my computer, the Finder dialogue pops up and I select the image I want to use for the cover and click “Open”. The Finder dialogue disappears and then reappears instantly, and I then have to re-select the image and click “Open” again. The second time it works, but I have to do this for every task.

Steps to reproduce:
Repeat the above.

Browser version:
Asana OSX App (1.15.0)

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

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Hi @Tom_McLean1 sorry to hear that. Can you confirm if the issue persists after reinstalling the app?

Hi Vanessa,

Yes, I can confirm the problem persists even after a reinstall.

Just to follow up on this, we’ve now tested it on a few different Macs, and all display the same behaviour.

Hi @Tom_McLean1, sorry for the delay, and thank you for testing that. It looks like the same behavior happens in the web app, so I’ve escalated the case to our Developers and will keep you posted!

Thanks, Vanessa, glad it’s not just me!

Hopefully it’s a quick fix.

Having the same issue with background theme image not populating

Hi @Brittany_Olsson, would you be able to share more details about this issue? You are able to select the cover image for the board task but then the image doesn’t load, is that correct? Does it happen in incognito window too?