Bigger Sidebar or Ability to open a wide view

PLEASE flag this in your development log as as MUST HAVE. This thread/need has been ongoing for two years. It needs implementing. Now. The whole point of Asana is improving workflow. This is a HUGELY limiting problem in quickly accessing projects. Please move to the top of your product team’s implementation list stat!

Thank you!


I just want to add my voice to the group of people asking for a sizable left menu. Perhaps the option to reduce font size for that menu would accomplish (have a small, medium, and large option) but smaller font won’t help those who have trouble seeing the screen already. This would be a great option for the desktop app, where you don’t have to meet web accessibility issues. I think a sizable left bar is the best option.

How is this thread 2 years old and nothing has been done. FIX THIS.


Hi Asana guys,

It’s a shame such an important feature is still missing; so many people have asked for it and have simply been ignored. It’s a daily headache for most of Asana users…



I’m really surprised that the left panel with the list of projects, saved customs searches, etc. cannot be resized/expanded. It seems like such a basic functionality - and the community has been asking for it for 6 years. For every one person who has commented or voted for this, there are likely hundreds who are suffering in silence. What’s it going to take to get this change implemented?


I know it isn’t ideal, but if you’re using Chrome, you can download an app like Amino or User Javascript & CSS and modify this yourself by adding the following CSS as a rule:

.AsanaMain-sidebar {
    width: 320px; //adjust this to the width you prefer

.AsanaMain-sidebar.AsanaMain-sidebar--isCollapsed {
    display: none;

It won’t enable you to resize things dynamically, but it has helped us in the meantime.

Thanks Skyler, this is an excellent solution for the Web App, but unfortunately it does not work in the desktop app.

I think it’s mind-boggling that Asana has not implemented this minor feature after all these years.

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@Ari2 — Yeah, the desktop app won’t let ya inject custom CSS into it without doing it manually each time. I used Chrome’s ability to turn a web app into a separate desktop feature to strike a balance between both worlds.

For anyone curious about how to do that, from Asana in Chrome:

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner next to your name
  2. Hover over More tools
  3. Click Create shortcut…
  4. Name the app whatever you want it to be called (e.g. “Asana”)
  5. Check the box that says “Open as window”

Now you have a pseudo-desktop app saved on your computer you can use that still works with Chrome extensions and such. Note that it won’t work offline.

Asana Chrome to Desktop App on Mac

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Similar to Skyler’s workaround here, I made some bookmarklets that pop out and collapse the sidebar with the click of a bookmark button (also only works in the browser).

Here’s my explainer post on another thread

Here’s where you can try the bookmarklets

I am also finding this frustrating to work with.
Why has this not been implemented yet?
It’s particularly surprising as the functionality is clearly already in the app…
If you go and select (on Mac) : View / Toggle Developer Tools … another pane pops up and you can click, drag an resize to your heart’s content! …a bit galling to be honest.
Why can’t you just include this (pretty basic) functionality in the main window?

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The fact that this thread is 5 years old and there’s still no official solution tells a worrying story about Support. I’ve just moved to Asana after a few years away on other solutions (not by choice) and the fact that the basics like custom sidebar widths are not a feature is a worrying sign.

When I checked the support pages I noted Asana’s own support screenshots on the Sidebar have a larger string length than actual.

Question for anyone at Asana, do you use Skylar’s bookmarklet to take Knowledge Base screenshots or do you have a different solution for this problem?


+1 to this. Makes it unnecessarily frustrating to navigate between projects.

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Is there any update on this simple feature request that has been my biggest annoyance with Asana for years?

It is a huge usability issue but such a minor thing programmatically to resize the sidebar, or at least give options of its size, (dare I say make it resizable).

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Pleeeeease add this function. All of our projects have long names, many of which have the same first few characters. We need to be able to adjust the width of the sidebar.

I’m trying myself so hard not to move away from Asana but this is a big issue for me as well.

First being able to see the full project names is a huge problem, second there is no great way to see your full teams project list without creating a portfolio for it. You can see maybe 5 items and then everything else you have to click “show more” on. I just with there was a better view of the sidebar, and as everyone else said at least a way to widen it so I can see which of my projects are which.

Welcome, @Drew_Jackson1,

Sorry to hear that.

Just in case you weren’t aware, you can click on any Team name and open a Team page where 1) all of its projects are listed with no truncation, and 2) no “show more” links required to see all of them.

This is much easier, I feel, than a portfolio, and it never needs your manual syncing to keep updated when projects are created in or removed from the team.

Hope that helps a bit,