Bigger Sidebar or Ability to open a wide view

Hi @damien.borcovsky and welcome to the Forum! Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us! Since we already had a #productfeedback thread on this topic, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread to gather all feedback and votes on this request in one place! Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Is this ever going to fucking change? 3 years later and this very very simple ask can’t be delivered.

How is this even possible?

Does your development team simply not look at these threads?

Better question. What do these threads even do for users? There’s no guarantee that any of what is said or asked for here is even reviewed let alone answered or considered by your team. Obviously, this thread never made it to the devs. This is a simple UI/UX that should have been solved years ago…

Rant over. Just fix this please or outright tell me (and everyone else) that it’s not happening for whatever reason.


A scaleable sidebar seemed like a simple request. :slight_smile:

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It is a simple request, right? I mean either they don’t want to do it or they don’t care enough to do it. Which is really unfortunate to let smaller requests, that are just crucial to community attitude as a big hotfix, slip through the cracks.

Hoping that activity in this thread will raise some awareness and please upvote if you can!


To be able to sort by file name at a minimum. I catalogue my projects with dates, numerically with a prefix like this: 20191107. Because my project names are long (with the prefix numbers) the full project name gets cut off – it would be nice to see the full project name. Scaling that side bar would be nice, and this is about the only application I use with a sidebar that isn’t scalable.

And, it would also be nice to sort project names by file name, so things fall in order. Other sorting options might also be good.

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Sorry, I don’t think I was clear with “To be able to sort by file name at a minimum.” What I meant is, it would be nice to have the ability to sort by project name down the side bar. I have multiple projects going on down the sidebar.

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It’s hilarious why such a simple thing isn’t implemented.
Eventually I did it myself, created Chrome Extension. And what do you think - these Asana morons update their code so often that my extension gets broken every 3 months, every time I have to figure out what did they change to fix my extension… There is no end to the stupidity, apparently

A scalable sidebar would be an amazing quality of life change for our team as well. Our workflow requires rather long project names and it’s hindering the workflow to hover over a project name or click on them individually to know what you’re looking at.

Are there any plans to implement this?


+1 for making the left pane either bigger or expandable. Right now it is quite difficult to read, especially if you want to have some system of naming projects - the project and team name become very long and you have to open it every time, just to see if it is the right one.

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Yoo give us this scalable side-bar already. Have been waiting for years and I can not count the times I got annoyed and tried again to find some grip because IT HAS TO BE THERE, RIGHT? — No, wrong, again.

I will use it for:

  • Reading the titles of my projects

Thank you.


Why isn’t there at least a setting to expand further? Some of these settings, along with other simple ones, are literally keeping our directors from switching from Google Sheets to Asana. I’m working hard just to convince people to move over, but I’m appalled this has been a dark request for so long.


Came here to say the same. I have too many projects and its becoming more and more time consuming just to navigate. There has to be a way to tame this… folders, subfolders…

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Really, almost 5 years later, and still no update? There’s even a native Asana Desktop app now, and it doesn’t allow the user to adjust the sidebar width either.

Come on, y’all. If individual users can fix the problem locally with custom CSS or a browser extension, then surely your own dev team can just implement the same solution in your code. This is probably one of the top 5 lowest-hanging fruit in your backlog, so the ratio of customer satisfaction to hours of development time spent would be off the charts.

This is a no-brainer, folks. Throw a user story for this issue in your next sprint and make it happen.


We use teams as the holding structure four our client’s projects. I favorite the teams and it shows up in my left hand side but not under the favorites section in the “home” tab. (Browser).

Wondering if there will either be an additional field for favorite teams or if it will include teams I’ve favorited (currently only projects and portfolios).

What are your thoughts on this/ is there an update we can look forward to? Why hasn’t your dev team seent he value in these comments thus far?

Dear Asana Team,

I am working with Asana Desktop & it is a breeze. There is one nagging issue however. The sidebar comes with a fixed sizing.
This poses a challenge when the project name is longer. Screenshot attached -

I have 3 projects running at the same time with the same first few characters. It is difficult to determine which one is which unless I go on selecting each one. Have a look at the screenshot.

I can of course change the name of the projects - but in many cases that is simply not possible.

Ashutosh Kar


I too would love this feature. We use a “YYYY.MO.DA - Client Name - Project Name” naming convention, and would love to have that extend to our Asana project naming conventions as well. We just can’t see our project names in the current state on Asana.

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Hello. Is there a way you can update the left side/Navigation bar with all projects/teams listed, to be adjustable? The fields currently are not, and the top section where “Home” & "My Tasks lives, takes up so much space that our small company cannot even see half of our projects and teams. It would be very helpful to see the more important items on the nav bar, rather than items we don’t even use.

Hello @Lisa_Purchase welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Have a look at this existing product feedback request, I think this is what you are looking for: Bigger Sidebar or Ability to open a wide view

Hello Asana Manager,

Is there a status update on this function being adapted with the resizing of fields (vertically as well) on the side bar Nav menu?

For what it’s worth, I’d like to add my interest and concern for this usability upgrade.

We have a significant number of projects that all start with the same naming convention, but have different user’s names at the end. It is an unbelievable waste of time having to click on each project individual to see who the project is for, when we could just simply drag a resize bar (like we can do for ANY other column in the project) and expand the size of the side bar to show more of our project names.

I don’t want to have to “search” for a project that is literally right in front of me, I just can’t see the fill project name because the sidebar is cutting it off. I just want to be able to drag a resize bar so I can see more of my project names.

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