Better Organisation: How can I lock tasks to milestone and sections after "completed"?

I love using Asana and find it really easy to visual manage my workload with specific clients but i find that sometimes its not as organised as it could be.

For one client I break up my tasks like:

[Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.25.09]

This way my client and I can easily see all of the tasks/jobs per batch per month at a glance. The problem is that it looks like the sections and milestones are never actually connected/linked to the tasks that sit under them - it is more a visual organisation. (i.e when i go to the task, where it says Project: it says WORKSPACE > SECTION but no MILESTONE.

This makes it really annoying when I view all completed tasks and I see a whole load of sections, milestones and tasks all scrambled up.

It looks like the only way to do this may be to create a Milestone (Month + Batch No.) with several subtasks within it.

But this isn’t ideal because the subtasks aren’t always visible and have to be expanded to see them all.

Anyone have any tips?
Thank you!!

Hello @Hannah11,

have you tried timeline view already to allow you to better visualize dependencies and more?

Your suggestion with subtasks is what I would probably go for otherwise, yes you have to expand them to see all but then you can clearly see what belongs where

Otherwise have you ever tried using the board view? Then you have all the task that belong together and the milestone in one column?

Or adding tags or custom fields might help? As then you can easily also filter to view only tasks that have a specific tag added or entry in the custom field.

Oh and also have a look here - point F13 - 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Not sure if that helps?

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