Beta Android App deprived of "serial" task entry

Before the launch of the new navigation there where two ways of entering new task.

  1. Push on “new” (I hope the word is correct in the English version; I am using the German version and there it is “neu”) in the upper left corner below the profile picture.
  2. Use the orange Plus-Button in the lower right corner.

Now only the plus-button (method #2) works (at least in the beta-version). Why is this of importance for me? With the method #1 when a task was entered and submitted, the window for entering a new task always stayed open. So you could just serially enter one task after another. If you are on the go, this was just perfect, because I could enter one task after another, when it comes to my mind, without always doing multiple clicks to start entering a new task. With the now only available method #2 once you submit the task, you are back on your task-list and have to push the plus-button again. It’s just one klick more, but if you are used to the method #1, this can get quite annoying, since you know there is a more user friendly way, that was canceled :slight_smile: Are there any plans on reactivating this feature?