Create (multiple) tasks easily in Android

Not long ago, it was possible to add (simple) tasks easily one by one within a specific project.
This was a very nifty feature to add e.g. a list of (sub-)tasks by just starting “new task” and enter the task names one after another separated by tapping “Next” (means the Android equivalent of “Enter” on your screen keyboard). These tasks could be detailed any time later, or at that point, if needed.

Very nice, it couldn’t be quicker!

With the current version of the app (v 6.28.6 dated 2019-08-13) this very convenient feature is gone and one has to add a task by tapping the “(+)”, enter the task name, tap “Create” the task and start over again. This one additional tap doesn’t seem to make a big difference, but it does, because every time between “Create” and “(+)” the screen keyboard is gone, the list is updated and the screen keyboard re-appears again. This makes it less intuitive and much slower to use than the other variant, which keeps the screen keyboard open, so you could just “run” through your task list while entering the tasks names.

Could you please re-enable this feature? Thanks! :+1:

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @PeterF! I totally hear you!

We already have a thread regarding this topic in IOS so I’ve gone ahead and move your post to the #mobile:androidios-feedback category to allow you and other Android users to upvote for this functionality. I’ve slightly edited the title to make it more discoverable to other users. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great Monday!

Hi Natalia, thanks for your support.
I’m just wondering that you modified a bug report describing a regression (since the feature was already available in a previous version of the Android asana app) into a new feature request, which needed upvoting to be implemented.
For me, the functionality is lost, that’s why I see it as a regression bug.
Nevertheless, if it’s re-enabled again, I wouldn’t care what the current status was called.
Have a nice day, too!