Best Way to segment data for many clients with several annual projects?

We have ~360 clients with ~ 12 account managers The work with each client is multi step including info gathering, procurement for the client needs, funding requests and then post funding management of each request. This is a year over year process with an account manager working in 3 funding years at a time. Any suggestions on how to divide the work up in Asana allowing management of understand the progress for each step as a whole and for each client?

Hi @Rachel_Botts,

My earlier post here may address some of what you’re asking:

If you don’t a suitable complete answer here, I and others would be happy to consult with you on something like this. See:

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@Sebastian_Paasch any thoughts?

Asana portfolios could be a solution that could help with the organization and reporting for this, but their functionality is somewhat limited for this use case.

If your clients can be grouped into segments (e.g., Enterprise, SMB, etc, or some other segmentation), you could create an Asana team for each segment, and then create a project for each client within the appropriate team (e.g., the Enterprise team). You could then use an Asana reporting integration to create dashboards that summarize the progress for each step, each client, and even each team, and show those reports to management.

Velocity is an Asana reporting integration that supports dashboards like this, and it gives you a lot of control over how you create reports and dashboards. You can find a demo of it here, but let me know if you have any questions about how it could be used for your use case. (Disclosure: I work at Velocity.)