Multi-Team Projects and Multiple Projects per Teams

Hi all,
we are new to asana and screened google as well as the forum for answers but did not find what we need, therefore this topic.

Our Situation:
We manage around 100 projects per year in which 4 teams are part of.
A project goes due to four stages, each stage is managed by one team, i.e.
Sales > DevOps > Support > Customer Success

The hand over from one team to the another follows defined milestones.

Our Complication:

  • We need an overview per Team which projects (and tasks) are on their agenda now
  • We need an overall overview (like a kanban) of the 4 teams and which projects/tasks are handled/stuck in which team

Do you have an idea how to achieve this? We tried out some stuff with Portfolios etc. but nothing really worked out.

Thanks for your help!


Given that the projects go through all the company teams, I would not worry too much about the Asana teams. No need to have Asana teams matching your company teams.

But I would definitely use portfolios, specifically one portfolio with all the projects and a custom field dropdown with the company team working on the project.

Then seeing a team’s project is as easy as running an advanced search for projects with this field and/or click-through a chart in Universal Reporting showing the number of project per team.

Does it make sense?

I am not sure you can search for tasks that are within a project with a specific custom field value though. I would have to play around to confirm.
So in addition to the main portfolio you could have one portfolio “per team” and then the search for tasks becomes easier.