Best practices for setting sales lead goals and tracking against them?

HI there -

I have Asana Business and am new to using the GOALS part of Asana, setting goals and tracking against them.

In Asana Goals, I set up a goal for the number of leads I want to have come in through a particular revenue stream in my business - as I pay someone to generate these leads and they are a part of the Asana board, I want to track against the yearly goal on a monthly and weekly basis so that we both understand where we are and are making sure that the number of leads are coming in to meet the goal and that the goal percentage of leads being 50% useable leads is also being met.

The goal is simple - 1200 leads a year, 100 a month, 25 a week - 50% of the leads need to be useable

I created one goal in Asana - “ANNUAL LEADS OF 1200 WITH USIBILITY OF 50% (600 LEADS)”
Inside that goal, I created two subgoals each connected to a project.


So I have set up the goals -2 goals, so I can track the results separately
I have set up the key result I want for each

My question is What is the best way to track against the goal?

Ideally, I want both of us to put eyes on the goals and Key Result weekly to see where we are.

Is there a way to set up the underlying projects for each of these two goals so that the outsourcer
weekly updates the number of overall leads and the number of useable leads in each project? And then that update would automatically roll up and update the subgoals, which would update the main goal?

Or is this something that really has to be done manually - (manual is a dirty word and takes TIME so all things being equal, I would like to understand how best to set it up so that it takes the least possible time to stay on top of what’s happening with this goal for all of us.)

Is it a matter of creating a task for each week with the weekly goal and a custom field to enter the leads for that week?
Or is it a matter of creating a milestone for each desired WEEKLY subgoal?

I am confused about this and how best to set it up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to help me understand the best way to proceed.



Can anybody help me with this?
I’d be so grateful!

Hi @Mindy_Belcher

Golas can be updated automatically:


And there you’ll be able to select if the automatic update is done with projetcs or subgoals:

Have you tried that?


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Hi @Julien_RENAUD!

Thank you for helping me!

I put in one goal - this one, and created two subgoals under it - each of the subgoals is attached to a project.

My question is how to set each of the subgoals as far as progress -

If I set it for AUTOMATIC, it wants to measure either tasks or milestones, neither of which works.

If I set it to MANUAL, I get this error: “*FB LEADS - GOAL 100 LEADS PER MONTH/1200 ANNUAL” will be moved to the References section once your changes are saved.

I understand that I can set a target value for the YEAR (1200), but I’d really like to know if I am ON TRACK or OFF track each WEEK, and then have that rolls up to know whether I am ON TRACK or OFF track for the MONTH, that then rolls up to the YEAR TOTAL.

And I’d like to understand how to make sure that the subcontractor does this.

Either there is not a way to do this
Or I don’t know how to set up to do that -

If there IS a way to set this up, can you help?

Main goal has to be automatic:

Then subgoals can be linked to project, task progress for instance. You need to click on the subgoal, then edit:

and there you can select the correct options

To automatically track by month, then maybe each subgoal should be linked to a month project. That way each subgoal would be automatically linked to task progression, and same for main goal.


@Julien_RENAUD , thank you for replying - I REALLY appreciate it! Please tell me if I understand correctly - I need to repeat this process for other KPI’s and I want to make sure I am setting it up correctly.

So create the year goal
Create one subgoal per quarter for Q1,Q2, Q3, Q4 if I want to track by quarters.
Inside each quarter subgoal connect to a monthly goal so each would have M1, M2, M3 sub goals
Each subgoal M1, M2, M3 would have a goal that would be a manual amount of leads for the actual goal?

Now here is the question - if all of the above is correct, I am uncertain how to set up the monthly subgoal board/s

Would M1, M2 and M3 need to each be a DIFFERENT project board that would only have tracking for that month against the monthly goal?

Would the monthly board - like M1 - have tasks, milestones?
This is the part I am most uncertain about - would the monthly board have a monthly section with 4/5 weekly tasks under it that the subcontractor enters the LEAD COUNT for the week and then checks off the task?
Then monthly they would - what - enter the total lead count for the month - but where?

If I set it up that way, would I need to make each project board for the month owned by the subcontractor?

This would allow tracking against monthly, quarterly and yearly goals - but at the monthly level I want to make sure I have it set up correctly and I am unsure how to do that.

Thank you for helping me!


If the monthly subgoal update is done manually, then the way to build the projects is less important. In this case, you can imagine to have only one project with all the leads, and a dashboard that allows you to follow the number of leads per month, so that when you look at the dashboard you have the information to update the goals.

I want to understand how that should work - one board - and I do not understand what you mean by “dashboard”. - would you be so kind as to explain?

Essentially I want a fast, simple way for 1. A lead generator, 2. an appointment setter/booker 3. a sales person to independently work and report their key results weekly AND a relatively fast simple way for me to track it and see if we are staying on track toward goals.

Is this something you/your firm is experienced in providing instruction to help a small business owner set up?

I’m not corporate America. But I need to stay tight on monitoring my OKR’s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!