Best Practice for organizing comments

Hello Asana Community!

Curious what the best practices are for organizing comments in Asana? When there are a multitude of Asana comments at the task level and subtask level, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Should comments be kept at the task level? What are the best approaches for quickly finding comments associated to subtask and task?

Thank you!

++ to add to this, can you turn off comments at a certain level?

Great question, @Payton_Moore1! While it depends and can vary on the circumstance, here are some common best practices:

  1. Decide if comments are most appropriate at the task, subtask, or both levels, and communicate that. Typically, the assumption is both levels. But convey in the task if you want to promote a single comment thread at the task level (not in subtasks); this is often used to single-thread comments.
  2. Surface important info from comments elsewhere, typically in the task/subtask Description, or possibly in the main task’s Subsections/Subtasks. Another way to surface that info is to pin comments which raises them to the top, but that can get disorderly if you have too many pinned comments.
  3. Don’t attempt to otherwise discourage a free-flowing comment thread; it’s good to have dialog, and a losing battle to try to organize it within the thread, so the approaches above are generally recommended.

Those are just some rules of thumb; they may not always work, and there may be others, but these are the highlights that work for me and clients.