When do you create tasks vs add a comment?

This may sound like a stupid question…But when do you comment on something vs assign a task? When your requesting a comment from someone do you always assign a task or do you just comment asking for feedback? Looking for best practices. Thanks!

Hi Garrett,

That’s a good question. Best practices indicate that tasks should be clearly defined action items that one person is responsible for. Communication around that action (or task) then happens within that task area. Communication can also happen at the project level through the Conversations tab. If I was wanting feedback regarding a project I would comment in the Conversations tab and @ mention them. If it was information about a task I would @ mention them in the comment section of that task. I found the courses within the Asana Academy (https://academy.asana.com/) really helpful to get best practices for things like this. If you haven’t already watched, I would highly recommend them.

Even though this method is typical for how Asana user communicate within Asana there is no real right way to use Asana. That’s one of the best attributes of Asana. It is very flexible and you can come up with you own conventions for using the tool. I would just make sure the conventions you decide on are clear across all of your team members so there is consistency with how it’s being used.

I hope this helps,


Hi Katie! Thank you for the feedback.

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