📖 Become An Asana Superhero [free ebook]

Hi Community :wave:,

A free ebook to get the best out of Asana as an individual user!

“Bastien has put together an incredible Asana resource in this book. Not only does it offer tactics and tips to make your Asana experience better, but he provides readers with a sound strategy on how to make Asana work over the long term as its users and the product evolves. It’s clear he has spent a ton of time in Asana and it’s also clear that adding this book to your Asana arsenal is a wise move if you want to get more out of Asana.”
mike-vardy Mike Vardy, productivity strategist and founder of Productivityist

:link: To download immediately, just fill in this Asana form; you’ll get the download link upon form submission in the confirmation message.:link:

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Hi Bastien,

Your ebooks look amazing. I filled out your Asana form but the link that was given in the submission message takes me to a “Your lost” page on your website!

Same here!

I reached out to both of you privately. Not sure what is happening, the link works for me…

It is now fixed, thanks for your help! The emoji was included in the address :person_facepalming:

You just love emojis so much that you automatically add them everywhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If only Tim Berners-Lee had known Bastien, he would have included support for emojis in URLs!